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Routing with a map is so much better.

Plan your daily routes quickly and easily with the use of a built in mapping tool.

Calculates the mileage techs will drive to complete his/her route.

Different markers to easily distinguish between AM/PM customers and technicians.

Click on the markers on the map to see the customer detail and to assign the job to the tech.

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Payroll made fast and easy.

Tired of spending all your time on payroll? With DFS payroll system, you can verify all payments were received.

Color coding making it easy to see at a glance which jobs were paid correctly and incorrectly.

Cut your hours doing payroll dramatically.

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Successful Dispatch Service Testimonial

AKF Marketing has been providing dispatching, tech-tracking, and customer care services to satellite installation companies for over five years, while steadily growing and establishing a stable and loyal client base. Our administrative team is dedicated to providing quality service, professionalism and proficiency in our abilities to stay current in the ever changing satellite installation market. After years of research and exploration of several different programs for organizing the client work load, we chose DFS because of its exceptional, state of the art, company management program that enables us to track individual work orders, technicians and customers, generate reports, generate daily work orders, export excel reports for dispatching, customer stats, inventory, tech tracking and tech stats, as well as payroll, while also offering the capabilities of monitoring our call center staff workloads in real time. All of this is available with the simplicity and ease of pushing a few strokes on the keyboard. DFS has helped our company build a larger client base, increase productivity, minimizes expenses and has opened the door for company expansion. DFS is, by far, the best company management program available today, and we highly recommend it to any size satellite installation company.

Thank you for all you do for us DFS, we truly appreciate it!
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